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Falcon has developed and manufactured some of the lightest and most aerodynamic high performance cycle products in the world.  Now we are introducing an ultra high performance Falcon Ceramic Hybrid Bearing.  The Falcon Ceramic Hybrid Bearings have been designed exclusively for cycling and with the highest quality components available.  The Falcon Ceramic Hybrid Bearing provides for the ultimate competitive speed edge!!

Jeannie Longo was the first to use the Falcon Ceramic Hybrid Bearings during 2001 Road World Championships in Lisbon, Portugal  when she captured her 13th World title, and her fourth World title in the time trial by winning the Elite Women's Time Trial.

Features and Benefits of Falcon Ceramic (Silicon Nitride, Si3N4) Hybrid Bearings over steel bearings

HIGH SPEED/LIGHTER -  Ceramic balls weight 40% less than steels balls.  This reduces centrifugal loading and skidding, so hybrid ceramic bearings can operate 20% to 40% faster than conventional bearings.  This means that the ball exerts less force outward against the outer race grove as the bearing spins. This reduction in outward force reduces the friction and rolling resistance. The lighter ball allows the bearing to rev up faster, and uses less energy to maintain it speed.

LESS FRICTION, LESS HEAT -  Falcon Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearings truly are ďanti-friction".  The ceramic ball will not heat up like a steel ball.  Lower friction leads to less wear, less lubrication, less energy consumption, reduced sound level and extends bearing life.

SMOOTHER -  The ceramic ball has smoother surface properties than the steel ball. This means less friction between the ball and bearing races and less vibration giving you a faster spinning bearing and smoother ride.

HARDER -  Silicon nitride balls have a very high ball hardness that helps "Push" contaminates from the pathway.

CORROSION RESISTANCE -  The ceramic balls are impervious to oxidation, chemicals, and require essentially no lubricant. The bearings are lubricated with our proprietary grease.

EXTENDED BEARING LIFE -  With their numerous advantages ceramic hybrid ball bearings typically yield 8 to 10 times longer life than conventional steel-steel ball bearings.


Jeannie Longo of France winning Elite Women's Time Trial at 2001 Road World Championships in Lisbon, Portugal. 

The Falcon Ceramic Bearings will give you the speed edge!! 

Falcon Ceramic Bearings fit other wheels - Cartridge Size - 6001.

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